ExtraExtra in the New York Times!

We are so excited to announce that we were profiled in the New York Times Styles Section Thursday, September 15th 2011. The article features out work throughout our summer season and into fashion week. We couldn't be happier with the piece! 

ExtraExtra, Read All About It

Check out our article in the new BizBash 10th anniversary issue, which hits stands today. Bizbash chatted with our Vice President Drew Elliott and Director of Events Nicky Balestrieri to find out about ExtraExtra's beginnings, our cool-cred relationship to PAPER Magazine, company offerings and some of our favorite highlights from past events... take a look!

Sips for Summer

The weather has heated up and the sun-soaked days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing... we are officially fully immersed in summer. And what celebrates summer better than sipping on some cool drinks?

Whether you're at home with your family or entertaining your friends on a breezy New York rooftop, the occasion is always appropriate to gather your friends to enjoy some season-inspired cocktails. In the spirit of DIY, we've curated a selection of drink recipes guaranteed to gain you Chicest Host credit, and will help you embrace this glorious summer heat. We suggest going the extra mile on choosing how to serve your beverage. Colored juice glasses, ceramic pitchers, linen napkins and serving trays with modern prints can add to your presentation. 

Be sure to enjoy, and this ones on us!

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Check out Extra Extra's inclusion in the annual BizBash Innovation Issue!

It's the Little Things...

By Nicky Balestrieri

The first important lesson I learned in planning events came from my cousin Cal Fortis, owner of the Crobar brand of nightclubs and an all around hip guy.  He said that when it comes to designing a successful event, "it was the big strokes that make impressions, and the small ones that make memories." In the Crobar world that meant you could book the most famous DJ in the world in the club, but passing out pink teddy bears with drink tickets taped to their hands at 2am was what you were going to remember the following morning.  What a profound yet simple way of - in event-speak - saying that God is in the details!


If you, the reader, know me, the author, I am no stranger to a theme.  In fact, I live for taking an idea and stretching it from the floor to the ceiling, the front door to the back bar. With our work at ExtraExtra, we employ Cal's tactic in our own stylized way with much success in our design efforts.  The following are a few of my favorite examples to inspire your own work - maybe at your next dinner party! (And no, wine glass charms are not a good enough "little stroke" BTW).