HP Mobile Park

ExtraExtra worked with HP and its agencies to conceptualize, design and produce a custom-made pop-up hotel mobile park and social media epicenter experience for HP during South by Southwest. Complete with individually designed RV's, extensive on-site branding, live musical performances and up-to-the-minute exclusive coverage of all things South by Southwest, we helped bring the HP brand to life. We created a digital hotspot with live blogging and also solved the annual problem of hotel availability and lack of meet up spaces during the festival. ExtraExtra worked with the branding agencies to integrate HP print solutions into everything throughout the space, including custom designed umbrellas, throw blankets and bean bag chairs featured in a central courtyard.
In addition, ExtraExtra designed a "Print-cierge" that allowed guests to print their favorite South by Southwest photos on-site directly from their cell phones and mobile devices using HP's new ePrint technology, a product lounge that encouraged guests to interact with a variety of HP products and a Cantina that offered refreshments during the Mobile Park's open hours. The HP Mobile Park hosted a daily happy hour where guests could socialize while listening to some of the scenes hippest bands and DJ's, including Mia Moretti, Connor Hanwick (The Drums), Mister Heavenly, The Gregory Brothers and AndrewAndrew. This marketing program was the perfect opportunity for HP to engage with tastemakers, trendsetters, celebrities and key media influencers in one of the most creative and interactive ways possible.

ExtraExtra also helped to enlist the help of 15 journalists and bloggers to live on-site in each RV and stream first-hand, around-the-clock content directly to HP's own Facebook page to keep fans updated with emerging trends at the show. This ePrint hot zone was a welcome respite to those needing a break from the chaotic city of Austin, Texas during the South by Southwest experience.
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Custom-built HP Mobile Park courtyard where guests could relax and hangout during the festival

Individually designed and HP-branded trailers, complete with lounge decor

New York scenester, DJ Mia Moretti played several sets during the pop-up hotel experience

The HP Mobile Park hosted a daily happy hour where guests could eat, drink, socialize, and listen to live music

The HP-branded courtyard, complete with custom-designed HP umbrella and picnic tables

The HP on-site stage where acts like Mister Heavenly and Nightmare and the Cat performed free concerts for guests

Nightmare and the Cat performed while Gary Basement created live art on stage!

DJ Drewpsie performed a guest DJ set while guests enjoyed the dinner and refreshments provided on site

Andrew Andrew taking advantage of the on-site blogging opportunities!

Blogger checking out HP’s Facebook page near the ePrint technology product lounge