Lanvin Halloween Extravaganza

In October of 2010, ExtraExtra designed, produced and executed the opening of Lanvin's Madison Avenue women's boutique while simultaneously toasting celebrated Artistic Director, Alber Elbaz. Designed as a Halloween party, every aspect of the event pulled the eccentricities of downtown to the glamour of uptown in a manner we know best. ExtraExtra totally transformed the Lanvin flagship store to create a fantasy world where fashion came alive in an entirely decadent environment. Iconographic set décor was custom built servicing a multitude of engaging activities - from a giant cascade of balloons framing the storefront to a functioning photo booth to a stage designed to be a giant Lanvin box. In addition to the flamboyant event décor and thematics, performances included pop-star impersonators and pop-colored drag queens dressed as the Lanvin porcelain dolls. The dollhouse masquerade garnered global media attention, including outlets such as,,, and

The second floor ballroom, equipped with a stage platform designed as a giant Lanvin box underneath a canopy of crystal ribbon-dripped chandeliers

A long promenade of walking sketches along the mirrored wall where guests first entered on the first floor

Anne Hathaway

Lanvin’s Artistic Director, Alber Elbaz, and a real life Lanvin Doll!

Lanvin Doll on the third floor VIP champagne room, decorated all white with billowing fabric and sparkling crystals overlooking the performance stage in the Ballroom

Janet Jackson

Lanvin bar featuring specialty cocktails by Absolut Vodka

Lanvin Doll posing on custom-designed life-size stack of Lanvin boxes!

A giant cascade of balloons framing the exterior of Lanvin’s storefront set the tone for the entire evening while guests arrived